QMS Doucments

Quality Document
         QD-CMP-01 Company Policy
         QD-HRM-01 Company Structure
         QD-HRM-02 Service Rules
         QD-HRM-03 Training Policy
         QD-HRM-04 Authority
         QD-HRM-05 Job Description
         QD-FIN-01 DAFA 2012
         QD-FIN-02 Accounts Manual
         QD-ADT-01 Manual for Internal Financial Audit
         QD-PRO-01 Procurement Guidelines
         QD-TSS-01 Safety Manual
Quality Procedure
         Finance & Admin
                  QP-ADT-1 Procedure for Internal Financial Audit
                  QP-FIN-1 Procedure for Financial Affairs
                  QP-CMP-1 Procedure for Company Affairs
                  QP-HRM-1 Procedure for Human Resource Development
         Grid & System Operation
                  QP-PSO-1 Procedure for Power System Operation & Control
                  QP-SIS-1 Procedure for Surveillance Inspection of Sub-Station
                  QP-SPM-1 Procedure for System Protection and Metering
                  QP-SSM-1 Procedure for Sub-Station Maintenance
                  QP-SSO-1 Procedure for Sub-Station Operation
                  QP-TRD-1 Procedure for Telecommunication & RTU Equipment Maintenance
                  QP-TLM-1 Procedure for Transmission Line Maintenance
                  QP-SMD-1 Procedure for Telemetering Equipment Maintenance
                  QP-CNS-1 Procedure for Communication Network Management System Maintenance
                  QP-RTS-1 Procedure for Research and Technical Services
                  QP-FCL-1 Procedure for Optical Fiber Lease, Bill Calculation And Prepare of Bill For Client
         Planning Development & Procurement
                  QP-DGN-1 Procedure for Design Control
                  QP-PIM-1 Procedure for Project Implementation
                  QP-PPL-1 Procedure for Project Planning
                  QP-PRO-1 Procedure for Procurement
                  QP-SPL-1 Procedure for System Planning
                  QP-ICT-1 Procedure for Information Technology Activities
                  QP-STR-1 Procedure for Store
         QMS Monitoring
                  QP-NCP-1 Procedure for Nonconformance , Corrective and Preventive Action
                  QP-CNP-1 Procedure for Control of Nonconforming Product
                  QP-DCL-1 Procedure for Document Control
                  QP-DCL-2 Procedure for Control of Quality Records
                  QP-IQA-1 Procedure for Internal Quality Audit
                  QP-MNG-1 Procedure for Management Review
                  QP-TQM-1 Procedure for Total Quality Management
                  QP-MIS-1 Procedure for Management Information System
Quality Work Instruction
         WI-PSO-01 Frequency & Voltage Control
         WI-PSO-02 Load Control (Load Shedding)
         WI-PSO-03 Outage Management
         WI-PSO-04 Preparation of Generation Schedule
         WI-PSO-05 Work Instruction for Tripping Management
         WI-PSO-06 Work Instruction for Power System Restoration from Grid Fail
         WI-PSO-07 Work Instruction for Natural GAS Requirement Planning
         WI-SSO-01 Work Instruction for Preparation of Wheeling Bill
         WI-TQM-01 Quality Control Circles
         WI-TQM-02 5-S Techniques
Quality Forms
         Finance & Admin
         Grid & System Operation
         Planning Development & Procurement
         QMS Monitoring
                  QF-DCL-07 Head Office
                  QF-DCL-07 Personnel & Administration
                  QF-DCL-07 Finance
                  QF-DCL-07 Planning & Design
                  QF-DCL-07 Transmission
                  QF-DCL-07 System Operation
                  QF-DCL-07 Projects