Company History
Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) was assigned to manage power transmission system,power generation and power distribution through out Bangladesh before formation of Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd.(PGCB). PGCB was established on the 21st November, 1996 as a fully BPDB owned company with an authorized capital of Tk.10 billion under the Power Sector Reform Program of the Government. PGCB has been running under the companies Act 1994.
At beginning the Board of Directors of PGCB consisted 9 Directors. Out of them, 3(three) were from BPDB, 3(three)were from non Government organizations and 3(three) were from PGCB. On the 11th October 2006 following directive of Government BPDB reconstituted the Board of Directors of PGCB placing Secretary, Power Division, Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources as Chairman and Joint Secretary(Admin), Power Division as Director. The Chairman, Power Development Board and all other Directors continued as Directors of the Board. To bring dynamism and commercial attitude later a few changes were made incorporating independent director, bussiness representative and consumer representative. At present there are 12(twelve) Directors, amongst them 3(three) is from Ministry, 1(one) is from BPDB, 7(seven) are from out of goverment sector. But Managing Director of PGCB has been continuing as Director of the Board. Three full time professional and technical directors of PGCB attend the Board meetings as observer and can pass their opinion.
It is mentioned that PGCB was formed under the restructuring process of Power Sector in Bangladesh with the objective of bringing commercial attitude including increase efficiency, establishment of accountability and dynamism in accomplishing its goals. PGCB is mainly concerned with the operation, maintenance and development of the power transmission system all over Bangladesh. Expansion of the grid network like installation of new transmission line and grid substations are its assigned prime responsibility. After formation of this company the existed transmission system had been gradually handed over to PGCB from BPDB and DPDC. On the 31st December 2002 PGCB took over full responsibility of the total transmission system of Bangladesh.
Generated power of different power plants all over the country is evacuated and transmitted through PGCB's integrated grid system by 230 kV and 132 kV transmission lines and substations. In 1996 when PGCB was formed, the total length of 230 kV and 132 kV line were 838 ckt km and 4755 ckt km respectively which increased to 1144 ckt km and 4962 ckt km respectively in 2000-01 fiscal year. At present there are 698 ckt km of 400 kV line, 3407 ckt km of 230 kV line and 7460 ckt km of 132 kV line throughout Bangladesh under PGCB. It has been implementing optical fiber network,that is OPGW parallel to its over head transmission lines to eastablish digital communication system to improve the control and monitoring of the transmission system. This optical fiber network will be utilized for the telecommunication and IT network of the country as by product. This network is potential to generate huge income for PGCB in near future.
Government of Bangladesh has decided to offload 25% of its .e shares i. a total of 91,08,940 Nos. of shares (Tk.100 each) through the Stock Exchanges under Direct Listing system in order to bring public participation and more accountability on the companies activities and to strengthen the capital market of the country. Accordingly PGCB was listed on October 2006 at Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). Offloading of shares started on October- 2006.The Shares of the company has been trading in both Stock Exchanges since then.
Status of Transmission Sector
At the time formation of PGCB, position of foreign financing to the power sector was very negligible. Different donors abstained from foreign financing since the performance of the sector was not at a satisfactory level. In the backdrop, PGCB was incorporated under Companies Act, 1994 and ADB came forward to provide financing for Meghnaghat Power Station Associated 230 kV Transmission Lines Project under their Ninth Power Project Loan [ 1505-BAN (SF)].
ADB has also provided another loan to PGCB under their Dhaka Power System Upgrade Project(1731-BAN) for construction of 50 km 230 kV transmission line and associated substation in the western part of Dhaka city, which enabled completion of a transmission line ring around Dhaka city.
ADB has provided a separate loan to PGCB under their West Zone Power System Development Project(1885-BAN) for implementation of about 332 km long transmission lines and associated substations for improvement of transmission network in western grid. ADB has also financed to establish a National Load Despatch Centre Project.
ADB has reallocated the savings from West Zone Power System Development Project to finance the project titled Shunt Compensation by capacitor Bank (Phase-1) and construction of a GIS Substation at Gallamari, Khulna. Recently ADB has signed loan agreement(2332-BAN) to finance three new Transmission Projects of PGCB under their Sustainable Power Sector Development Program. The role of ADB towards development of Power Sector and creating a commercial environment in the sector is commendable
Not only the ADB but also the other donor agencies such as KfW, Danida, Nordic Development Fund, SIDA, JBIC & World Bank have expressed satisfaction over PGCB's efficiency and earnest endeavor to implement their reform as well as institutional development including its capacity building for project implementation. As such they have come forward to finance some other important transmission line and sub-station projects.

The transmission structure of PGCB up to June, 2019 is as follows:
400kv line 1 Nos. 2x500MW HVDC Back to Back station ckt. km
230/132kv line 3 Nos. 3120 MVA ckt. km
132/33 kV line 22 Nos. 11925 MVA ckt. km
400kv Substation 1 Nos. 2x500MW HVDC Back to Back station
230/132kv Substation 3 Nos. 3120 MVA
132/33 kV Substation 22 Nos. 11925 MVA